I Love the Catholic Church, Which is Why I Say, #ChurchToo

True love for Christ is shown by our willingness to lay down our lives — and even our “vocations” — for the truth

My Testimony

Part I: College Seminary

Immediately following high school, I entered seminary, with every intention to become a Catholic priest. It would be a long process — 8 years, to be exact — but I trusted that God would lead me through it. The minor seminary I attended was one especially known for its conservatism & “orthodoxy”. Dioceses from all over the East Coast sent their seminarians there, trusting that it would form good, holy priests. The rules were strict; for example, we were only allowed off-campus once a week, on Saturdays. Visitors did not always receive a warm welcome. One time, a priest from my home diocese visited a group of us, and was told that he could not take us out for pizza because it was a weeknight. Compared to my friends at “normal” colleges, this was a prison. Eventually, I became extremely homesick, lonely, and started to isolate myself from the other seminarians, many of whom I did not feel comfortable around.

Part II: Major Seminary

Still, I felt a deep longing to serve God as a priest, and so, following graduation in 2014, I re-applied to the diocese to enter major seminary and was accepted, sent out of state to continue priestly formation. Once again, the seminary I attended was another “conservative” one, though in secret, it was called “The Purple Palace”. Though unfortunate, the title was fitting, as there was misconduct by seminarians and faculty alike.

Doctoral student in theology, seeking the true, good, and beautiful.

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